Our mission is to create a readily accessible platform on which students across NSW will have access to quality online educational content for an amazing learning experience.

HSC101 is revolutionary learning platform developed by a special in-house team assembled from EIM Tuition. Over the years, we have helped countless HSC students, like yourself, achieve outstanding results. Among our students, there are those who achieved ATARs of 99.95, as well as state ranks in individual subjects. However, what ultimately drives us is the thought that we are making a difference in students’ lives and helping them achieve their goals.


We are specialists in our respective fields with a strong passion for teaching. The majority of us graduated from top selective high schools and prestigious independent schools with a 99+ ATAR. We know the path and we have walked the path. This puts us in the best position to relate to you so that we can share our experiences to help you achieve your maximum potential.

In an increasingly competitive environment, there is a growing pressure on students to perform. Due to large classroom sizes, teachers typically utilise the traditional “one size fits all” style of teaching. Despite the wide use of this method, it is not an effective tool to facilitate deeper learning for students. As a result, many students are now turning to tuition colleges which also don’t fully solve the problem. In fact, many of these students are finding life more difficult in keeping up with tuition work due to inflexibility of the teaching schedule and the faster pace of learning at these tuition centres.


Our team has helped many HSC students, like yourself, achieve their goals but, as part of the current tuition system, we are also painfully aware of the many problems that you might encounter. Our take of the solution to these problems is HSC101.

HSC101 is an awesome, easy-to-use platform that allows us to share world-class educational content with you. Our video content covers every facet of the syllabus in unparalleled depth and clarity. It takes you through the theoretical framework as well as a plethora of examples to help you master the necessary concepts.


Our content:

    • Is suitable for all students.
    • Is easy to understand.
    • Is easy-to-digest as most videos are only 5-10 minutes long.
    • Covers all the theory you would need to succeed in the HSC.
    • Provides comprehensible explanations that teach you how to solve a wide range of problems – ranging from basic applications of formulae to complex examination-style questions.
    • Is supplemented by a corresponding set of notes outlining the theory and a further set of practice questions for you to hone your skills.
    • Is filled with useful tips and tricks, giving you a deeper insight into the topic.


The HSC101 platform is what allows us to deliver our awesome content. It allows you to:

    • Browse for specific videos to help with a particular concept or problem.
    • Watch videos for topics section by section; giving you an experience that is similar to learning in a classroom environment, only with a lot more theoretical emphasis, examples and engagement.
    • Watch a particular video as many times as you want to drill in a particular concept.


HSC101 enables you to take complete control of the pace of learning. You can use it to review concepts learnt in class, catch up on gaps in your knowledge or to accelerate ahead of your peers.


We offer this awesome service while reducing price, removing location and eliminating the need for tutors. You will gain the ultimate freedom over how you study because we offer everything you need to succeed in the HSC, in one place.


Traditional Tuition Online Solutions HSC101
Content Quality of content offered varies according to the centre. Some centres priotise speed and therefore lacks depth; while others teach slower but in greater depth. This is usually outside of the student’s control Content offered is of lesser quality and substantially less comprehensive No compromises in the content offered. Every facet of the syllabus is covered with a wide range of examples taking you through the most basic questions to difficult examination style questions.
Flexibility You have no control over the schedule of the content taught. This usually causes misalignment between school work and tuition work. Study the topics that you need, subject to the availability of content Study the topics that you need, at your own pace.
Convenience Learn at a physical centre, at a set time every week. Learn online, anywhere, anytime. However, content is usually not easily searchable. Learn online, anywhere, anytime.Our content is easy to search, so you can find whatever you need quickly and effortlessly.
Engagement Class of 20 sits around and listens to a tutor, that you don’t get to choose. There will definitely be moments when you zone out. Level of engagement varies according to the quality of the content offered. Sit at home, or somewhere comfortable, and watch our awesome content. Much more engaging.
Availability to ask questions Can ask during lesson. Some centres allow for extra question time outside of lesson time. Usually, no chance to ask questions. Ask us anytime, by dropping us a question at the end of a video page, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Price (per subject) On average 35$ per hour. Assuming two hours a week and 40 weeks a year, that comes to a total of $2,800 per year. On average 12$ per week. This translates to $156 per quarter or $624 per year. $89 per quarter or a discounted $320 for the year.

We currently offer approximately 800 videos for Mathematics Advanced and 400 videos for Mathematics Extension 1, covering both Year 11 and Year 12 content.


We are constantly working hard to produce new content of great quality and have plans to extend our offering to many other popular HSC subjects. If you have any other enquiries regarding our offering, please do not hesitate to contact us.

At HSC101, one-month worth of unlimited access to a subject costs less than an hour of tuition for that subject. If you like what we offer and decide to gain full access, you can choose to pay on a quarterly or yearly basis.

Price Quarterly Yearly
$0.99 / day / subject $89 / quarter / subject $320 / year / subject

*Yearly subscriptions are discounted at 10%. This is just our way of saying “thank you” for your continued support.


Once you subscribe for a subject, recurring charges for that subject will occur every quarter until the final quarter of your graduating year. However, you will have the option to stop your automatic subscription for the next quarter at any point in time and resubscribe again in the future.


While there are significant savings for the end consumer, please rest assured that we made no compromises in the quality of the content offered. Click here to try us for free.

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